The Overture is a new beginning for C Street.

At 40 stories, The Overture will offer retail stores, bars and restaurants, and modern urban residences. It will offer modern community amenities and features such as an architectural light show, while honoring its past with features like a recreated “California” blade sign. It will make C Street a destination for those who live, work and play in San Diego.


Much like the original theatre, The Overture will be a communal gathering space that encourages and enables public interaction. From private event spaces to farmers’ markets and concerts; from pool side hangouts to boutique shops and restaurants; from weddings on the various roof decks to dog runs at the park - the Overture is a new location in downtown San Diego where life happens.  

On the ground floor, restaurants, bars, and boutique shops will span 200 ft. across C Street. The 7th floor will offer a new interactive venue for swimming, exercising, barbecuing and reading all in an eco-friendly mini-park, which overlooks public streets and promotes a sense of safety and security. The rooftop terrace will contain an indoor club room as well as an outdoor viewing area and event space with superb views of Balboa Park, the Pacific Ocean, Coronado Islands, and San Diego Bay.

“This area of San Diego is the heart of Downtown.”
Gary London, San Diego economist
Coastal Urban Lifestyle

With the Bay just a few short blocks to the west, The Overture’s central Downtown location will provide easy coastal access while also placing visitors and tourists steps away from Horton Plaza, the Convention Center and San Diego’s historic Gaslamp Quarter.

Standing at 414 feet high, the residential tower will offer 360 views of downtown and San Diego bay.

“It’s reenergizing a significant portion of downtown that hasn’t had any life ...”
San Diego Union-Tribune
Enhanced Pedestrian Experience

Designed for this pedestrian oriented, mass-transit thoroughfare, The Overture will bring a lively richness, energy and vitality back to C Street by updating the downtown pedestrian experience and making it a landmark destination for visitors, workers, and residents.

The Overture is ideally located in a transit rich neighborhood with access to two San Diego Trolley lines and several nearby bus stops. In addition, the Overture will offer both above and below-ground parking, providing more than 300 public and residential spaces. While the new parking garages will help to alleviate current parking issues for all neighborhood merchants, they will also provide car share stalls, bike parking, and a bike share hub, allowing The Overture to boast an excellent walking score for those who’d prefer to park and enjoy the area by foot.

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As a new destination in Downtown San Diego, The Overture will create a healthy environment for those who live, work and play in the building. The Overture will be LEED Silver Certified and is slated to receive Wellness Certification, a new standard introduced by the Well Building Institute and a first for San Diego. In addition to a photovoltaic roof for solar energy use, The Overture will use recycled and regional materials. Additionally, best management practices will be applied for water efficient landscaping throughout, using planting areas to filter storm water for re-use within the building.

“Because this was a theatre since 1927, we used performance as the overarching theme in the development of its aesthetics. This will be an iconic building.”
Joe Martinez, architect
Art in Architecture

In reflection of the performing art once housed in the theatre, public art will be incorporated into The Overture’s design.

With retrospective interior design that captures the lost beauty of the theatre in its heyday, The Overture pays homage to the past while maintaining a modern look and feel. The corner “California” blade sign and the Fourth Avenue Marquee will be recreated while a modern blue zig zag light beam will cross the front of the building and visually connect the activities of the streetscape with those of the cityscape at the rooftop terrace. The Overture also makes creative use of the above ground parking garage by adding perforated metal panel screens displaying images of the old California Theater and historic downtown San Diego.

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Urban Landscaping

The Overture will balance its new urban hardscape with lush landscape on all levels. “Living” walls of green plants will help to blend the indoor/outdoor experience throughout the building. Xeriscaping and water-conserving landscape techniques that include the use of native plants will also be used to reduce the need for supplemental water from irrigation.

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